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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Under the Erectile Dysfunction or erectile failure to understand the diffusion of reach or maintain an erection of the penis, making it impossible to sexual intercourse. Some men with Erectile Dysfunction erection happens, but not for long. In this case, the difference may not seem large, but the psychological point of view is important. A man who feels impotent in a state of nervous tension and constant anxiety, out of psychological equilibrium.

Unfortunately this phenomenon is so widespread that he did not give enough time to dedicate to this the various conferences and symposia. Approximately 10 million Americans suffer from this ailment. In Germany the figure is closer to 5 million. In Russia this figure is less. Many men are ashamed to deal with this problem to the specialists, but this may lead to complete Erectile Dysfunction.

Stress, ecological environment, poor nutrition, smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction undoubtedly affect the potency. In men aged 35-45 years old Erectile Dysfunction occurs in 40%.

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Men who have trouble erection, yet are not impotent. They only have problem with erection, which can be removed. Erectile Dysfunction means inability to complete erection. In the west, in the case of erectile dysfunction, men immediately go to the doctor. The doctor in turn determines the cause of the violation and helps get rid of the disease.

Potency can be described by some indicators. First of all, it is the direction and strength of sexual desire, quality and duration of erection and duration of sexual intercourse. And certainly no small matter this time, through which man can once again engage in sexual intercourse. These problems can be can be a different degree, or absent altogether. But impotent man can be called only when he has no desire, no erection or ejaculation. And this can be either the child or the deceased.

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From all this, we can conclude that a man may complain about his intimate life, but "impotent" can no longer use.

Register for the night tumestsentsii penis is held with a ring equipped with control threads, wearable on the penis at bedtime. (Figure 1). Termination of control filaments indicates the presence of spontaneous erections (tumestsentsii). Qualitative assessment of spontaneous hyperemia assessed using the apparatus «Rigiscan», graphically recording the voltage variation of the penis through a strain gauge installed on. Farmakodopplerografiya - ultrasound Doppler scanning of vessels of the penis in conjunction with intrakavernoznym pharmacological test can assess the condition of blood flow in the penis in different phases of erection. Hemodynamic parameters obtained during the initial study and after 10 minutes intrakavernoznogo introduction of vasoactive drugs are evaluated in comparison. In addition to the objectivity of data on the status of arterial blood flow, Doppler can detect indirect signs of venookklyuzivnogo cavernous mechanism.

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Kavernozografiya - method of radiological diagnosis of cavernous dysfunction and cavernous venookklyuzivnoy fibrosis. Radiopaque drug introduced intrakavernozno. The X-ray structural state of the record cavernosa and filling of contrast medium of the venous outflow tract. 10 minutes after the introduction of vasoactive drugs intrakavernoznogo study repeated. Venookklyuzivnoy sign of dysfunction is contrasting spongy body of the glans penis and urethra, the deep dorsal vein, internal pudendal veins and prostatovezikalnogo plexus, continued after the introduction of vasoactive drugs. (Figure 2). Local reduction and heterogeneity of contrast cavernosa may be regarded as a sign of focal (partial) MS cavernous tissue. (Figure 3).

Electromyography penis - method of diagnosis of neurogenic erectile dysfunction. Held in conjunction with intrakavernoznym pharmacological test using surface or needle electrodes. The criteria for evaluation of innervation of the penis are the amplitude, frequency, form and timing of recorded potentials. Normally, the amplitude and frequency of synchronous potentials decreases with the growth tumestsentsii, at an altitude of erection registrireetsya isoelectric silence.

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Examination of patients with erectile dysfunction should be conducted in collaboration with specialists from related disciplines - neuropsychiatrist, neurologist, endocrinologist, and, if necessary, include additional survey methods (for example, degenerative diseases of the spine - X-rays and MRIs of spine). Anamnestic indications of trauma of the pelvis and / or perineum are an indication for magnetic resonance imaging of the pelvic floor and the penis (diagnosis of structural violations, local fibrosis).

Treatment of impotence should be etiopathogenetical. Etiotropic therapy involves treatment of diseases that led to the emergence of erectile disorders, such as diabetes, degenerative spine disease, hyperprolactinemia, neuroses.

Methods of treatment of impotence can be both conservative and efficient. For long-term exchange rate for medical treatment of erectile dysfunction using adaptogens and biogenic stimulators (extracts and tinctures of ginseng, Eleutherococcus, zamanihi, Aralia, Pantocrinum) angioprotectors, disaggregants, vasodilators, alpha-blockers, antioxidants, pharmaceuticals based on plant derivatives in combination with physiotherapy techniques aimed at stimulating blood circulation. Coursework therapy enumerated drugs aimed at stabilizing the vascular tone, increase elasticity of the vascular wall and is effective in compensated form vasculogenic erectile dysfunction.

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In the treatment of neurogenic erectile disorders using proserin, duplex, B vitamins, methods of physiotherapy effects.

Hormone therapy is conducted strictly according to the testimony, depending on the nature of endocrine disorders. When androgen deficiency used derivatives of testosterone.

A special place in the treatment of erectile dysfunction sexual practices take patients to adapt to a one-time gain of natural or artificially induced (pharmacological) erection, used to perform coitus within one sexual excess. These include various vacuum Erector, vasoactive drugs periferichekogo action for Injectable intrakavernoznogo (alprostadil, papaverine hydrochloride, fentolamin), or endouretralnogo (alprostadil «MUSE») applications, as well as tablet sildenafil citrate (Viagra). These forms of drug correction are shown in subcompensated and decompensated vasculogenic erectile narusheniy.U patients with psychogenic erectile dysfunction appointment intrakavernoznyh vasoactive drugs, Viagra or in combination with psychotherapy may contribute to the normalization of the psychological status and recovery of sexual activity.

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Surgical treatment of impotence is shown at subcompensated and decompensated forms of organic erectile dysfunction. When aterialnoy insufficiency of the penis and venookklyuzivnoy dysfunction caused by excessive venous dumping operations are carried out to create additional blood flow to the cavernous bodies (revascularization of the penis). The most widely used revascularization procedures by Virag, Nauri, Kovalev - different types of anastomoses between the inferior epigastric artery and the dorsal vein of the penis.

The essence of operations aimed at correcting abuses venookklyuzivnyh (spongiolizis, ligation and resection of the deep dorsal vein, dive deep dorsal vein in dublication tunica albuginea, plication of the legs of the penis) is to eliminate the prevailing ways of pathological venous drainage from the corpora cavernosa. At present, venous surgery techniques are used in combination with revascularization of the penis in cases venookklyuzivnoy dysfunction.

Decompensated form of erectile dysfunction, especially due to cavernous (myogenic) deficiency, cavernous fibrosis, the ineffectiveness of medical therapy and revascularization of the penis is an indication for falloendoprotezirovaniyu. Modern plastic and in particular the hydraulic model can simulate the prosthetic penis, simulating a natural erection in accordance with the functional necessity.

Rapid ejaculation - one of the types of violations of sexual function. This type of impotence occurs quite frequently and in large measure violates the harmony in an intimate relationship between a man and a woman.

Rapid ejaculation can be in a good erection and weak. In any case, a woman is unable to get the full pleasure and reach orgasm. A man receives an orgasm, but suffers from the fact that can not satisfy a woman. This feeling of inferiority exacerbates his problem, bring up the heavy neurosis, ie a vicious circle.
The reasons for rapid ejaculation:

state of the nervous system;
bad habits, including masturbation and abuse;
hormonal disorders;
genital diseases (prostatitis, short frenulum of the penis, etc.);
congenital or acquired diseases of the spine.

Before you begin treatment of this type of impotence should be carefully screened on the basis of the alleged reasons for the accelerated ejaculation.

Treatment of rapid ejaculation consists of treating the causes of this disease and the mandatory training course to achieve the normal duration of sexual intercourse.

Should apply to the urologist, andrologist, preferably including a sexual partner, as It is important for "learning the normal sexual intercourse.

Education ASAT (sperm antibodies) occurs in 18-20% of men from infertile couples and is an essential factor for male infertility. Education ASAT most chastoproishodit due to violation gematotestikulyarnogo barrier (mechanical, thermal, inflammatory genesis), cross-reaction of STI pathogens and sperm, an innate tendency (associated with HLA system). Made suggestions to reduce male infertility and treatment of such men.

Prostatitis (prostate) - inflammation of the prostate, a very common disease among males.

Modern medicine can cure prostatitis in all its forms quickly and efficiently.

There are two main types of disease: acute (bacterial) and chronic prostatitis.

Acute prostatitis has the following symptoms and will not allow you a long time to postpone his visit to the urologist: fever, fever, chills, fever (up to 38-390), acute pain in the perineum, groin and anus. One of the serious complications that arise in running form or incorrect treatment of prostatitis may be an abscess (purulent inflammation) of the prostate.

Symptoms of chronic prostatitis are expressed not so intensely. This is a pain in the perineum, sacrum, in testes, groin, recurrent pain when urinating. Most currently found chronic bacterial prostatitis. Typically, bacterial chronic prostatitis - a result of repeated or half-baked acute urethritis. Chronic prostatitis - a serious illness, which gives a lot of inconvenience to the patient. Treatment of chronic prostatitis is long enough. As a possible complication of inflammation of the seminal vesicles, testes and appendages.

What is the most effective treatment for prostatitis?

This question is asked every second man after 40 years. To date, the medical clinic, "Oxford Medical" apply various techniques for treatment of prostatitis, allow to cure prostatitis at any stage of development.

If you feel pain when urinating, you must go to the urologist, as the proper and timely treatment of prostatitis and prostate adenoma - guarantee fast and successful recovery.

Left untreated, prostate or prostate adenoma observed disturbance of sexual function, accelerated ejaculation, impotence, infertility, and nephrolithiasis.

Treatment of prostatitis includes antibiotic therapy, phytotherapy, immunocorrector, physiotherapy, physiotherapy, preventive measures, urological massage. Prostate massage is used as an effective prevention of prostatitis. There is plenty of evidence of the beneficial effect of massage of the prostate as a method of treatment of chronic prostatitis, to restore the function of the prostate. Medicines, allowing cure prostatitis, should be appointed solely skilled!