Joints Pain

Joints Pain

According to Ayurveda mostly Joint & Muscle pains are caused poor digestion.The body of a person with less digestive fire allows more ama (bodily wastes) to be accumulated at the joints. by the aggravation of vata (air) dosha. It is a condition which is caused by accumulation of ama and aggravation of vata. (Ama is a toxic by-product of improper digestion. )This ama circulates in the whole body and deposits or gets collected at the sites which are weaker. When it deposits in the joints and at the same time there is aggravation of vata , it results in a disease called amavata that all results of Joint Pains.Sometimes in older age joints pain have only vata dosha disbalance.


The main symptom of this disease is severe pain in the affected joints. The tissues in and around the joints become inflamed and movement of the joint becomes extremely painful. Untreated arthritis may lead to permanent deformity of the affected joints.

Fever, Immense pain & stiffness in affected muscles, specially stiffness and pain (i.e., fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles) in the morning. Excruciating pain and stiffness in the joint


The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Joint pain as a symptom. There are likely to be other possible causes.

  • Joint injury
  • Joint strain
  • Joint sprain
  • joint injury
  • Infections - many infections
  • Viral infection
  • Common cold
  • Flu
  • Bacterial infection

Causes include both internal and external factors. Ama associated with Vata (internal moving body air) quickly moves to different parts of the body and accumulates where circulation is sluggish or slow such as the hands, knees and other bone joints filling the blood vessels with a waxy type material. It is also more common in old age when Vata naturally increases in the body. Meat diet, foods such as ice cream, to much concentrated dairy such as aged cheese or goods of sour cream or cheese with your meals, cold foods especially during cold weather which weaken the digestion, heavy cakes, pastries and candies, packaged and processed foods with little fiber are the main dietary causes. Gas producing vegetables and legumes also create more internal air which moves the toxins to different parts also the condition. This ama blocks tissue pores and passages. This causes heaviness and weakness of the heart which becomes the seat of the disease.

Vata type:

Most common type. Severe, throbbing and cutting pain that is variable and migrating. This becomes worse in cold weather or when cold water comes in contact with the affected joints.

Other symptoms include dry or scaly skin, stiff or cracking joints, bone deformities, gas, abdominal distension, low back pain, nervousness, fear, anxiety and insomnia.

The pain is relieved by heat. Constipation is usually a symptom. Body types will usually be thin. Best to live in a tropical climate and follow a Vata diet.

Pitta type:

Second common. There will be a burning sensation with redness and inflammation which becomes worse in hot weather or from hot water. Diarrhea, loose stool, anger, sweating, fever, irritability are usually present. With Pitta type it is recommended to use bitter herbs along with the Guggulu.

Kapha type:

Least common. There will be itching, swelling or loss of movement and edema without inflammation around the joints. It becomes worse in cold, damp or wet weather. Other symptoms may be heaviness, aches, oily skin, congestion or mucus in the stool. Pain is relieved by heat or hot-dry weather. Best to live in a hot-dry climate and follow a Kapha diet.

Recommended Diet

  1. A vegetarian diet is beneficial in eliminating joint pain and Arthritis to a great extent.
  2. Fresh and light diet, consume food immediately when it is cooked & warm (avoid stale and cold food)
  3. Wheat bread / brown bread, boiled vegetables, green vegetables, rice cooked with green gram.
  4. Eat lunch by 12 noon & dinner before 7 pm
  5. Fasting once a week, e
  6. Drinking ginger tea at bed time is particularly recommended for Rheumatoid Arthritis.ginger being anti-inflammatory herbs are considered as effective in pain relief.
  7. at fruits during the fast but avoid any other food rich in calorie.

Strictly Avoid following Food

  • Non vegetarian food
  • High protein diet
  • Hot & spicy food
  • Deep fried food
  • Bakery products
  • Cold drinks, soft drinks, aerated drinks
  • Fast food
  • Do not overeat

Yoga certainly helps in Arthritis. Simple asanas, movements help increase the circulation in the joints and limbs. Various Asanas like Basic Movement, Tadagasana, Pavanamuktasana (1 leg & 2 legs), Makarasana, Swastikasana, Januhastasana, Hastashirasana, Bhujangasana, Veerasana, Trikonasana, Vrikshasana are helpful. Slow, steady and controlled movements are especially recommended. It is not advisable to maintain the asanas for long.

Simple Pranayama is recommended, which involved deep breathing, special type of Pranayama with Inhalation via right nostril and exhalation via both nostrils but creating a sound of Hmm.. (Honey bee Sound) from the throat is found to be very effective in Arthritis patients.

Heat Treatment and Massage
A light massage of medicated Ayurveda Herbal oil is very effective, especially after application of heat (moderate and bearable with heat bags). Massage makes the joint movements easier and then patients can perform physical movements, so if massage is followed by Asanas, it has been found to be more fruitful.

Patient with +ive RA factor don''t use should use heatbags with hot salt(potli sake).

Nature Cure for Arthritis
Steam bath
Basti (Enema) with sesame oil (15 cc) between 5.30 to 6.30 pm
In the morning drink warm water + fresh lime on empty stomach
Sun bath for 10 to 15 minutes

Acupressure Points for joints pain

Knee pain - GB30,32,34,39

ST 32,35,36,44